An introduction to us, Catalans or Spanish

One of the big points of argument that appears where we live is whether we are Catalans or Spanish.

Catalunya is an autonomous region within Spain. It has its own government and administration. There are often political problems between the government in Madrid and our government in Barcelona. We live in Catalunya. It's different ffrom Spain. Some of us here want an independent Catalunya because the Catalan people have a different hymn, differents costums and traditions,
different festivals (11th of september the day of Catalunya) and so on. But the most important reason is our history and language.

Historically Catalunya has always been an independent country, one of the oldest in Europe, now we celebrate our national day on the 11th of september because we mark the date 300 years ago when Felip V conquered Catalunya.

For all these reasons when we giveh the basic facts about our country we are going to give the facts about both Spain and Catalunaya.
MªPau and Laia

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