Painting our logo at school

Outside the cafeteria of our school there is an open area with some trees between the main school and the gym. Where this area meets the road there is a high cement wall. We already have a couple of murals on this wall so it seemed logical to ask if we could paint the comenius logo on it too.

After we got permission the question was who could paint it. The Comenius group doesn't have much free time this time of year and so I asked the students of a first year group, 1F, if they would like to paint the mural. They were delighted. The other essential person was Raquel Palomar, she is one of the teachers from our plastic arts department and she took charge of setting out the drawing and preparing the materials.

We originally wanted to paint it higher up but we were told that Health and Safety regulations meant we couldn't work more than one metre off the ground. So Raquel chose another area and set out the frame of the mural. The students painted a white square as the base and to seal the cement surface of the wall. Next they painted the blue background with rollers. Raquel then drew out the basic design and in my next class the students completed the first three figures.

In our last class we were painting the figures at the back, the black frame for the mural and retouching some of the parts that needed a little more work.

The artists involved are Aaron, Michaela, Esther, Joanna, Ali, Dana, Benjamí, Ayoub, Michael and Abel.

When it is finally finished I will post some more photos. This is what it looked like when we finished our last class.

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