Catalans in the Kitchen

Here you have the results of our cooking experiences on the last Comenius Day.

We divided into groups to do the cooking and the photos and videos that we did were of the experience of cooking itself. The actual food we ate ourselves as we weren't allowed to offer the food to the rest of the school in the corridors or during the morning break.

First of all the teachers. Anyone recognise these two dishes?

We were having so much fun that all my neighbors turned up for a chat and to laugh at us cooking.

Guillem took the photos and was feeling camera shy so he doesn't appear in any of these.

Students in the kitchen

Here you have the students in the kitchen. The first group are all at Fran's house. His mother is a professional cook but you can see that he has no interest in it at all. He doesn't even know where anything is!

They also took photos but they didn't survive, I don't know why not. So I have taken some stills from the video to post here.

I wanted them to edit these videos and they have promised they will, but if I have to wait for them... you will never see them.

In this video you can see how prepared they are, Fran's Mother's Cake shop (Sabina) and how he destroys the magnets on the fridge.

In this video we can see them tasting the results of all their hard work. Abraham has a hard time cutting it with a knife but in the end... delicious!

I am not terribly sure what Abraham is doing here.

Here is the other group of Catalans in the Kitchen

Thier video has been on facebook for quite a while already and is really very popular. Finally I managed to convince them to let me have it to put it here.

Everyone always asks why does she throw it out of the window at the end of the video? The answer is that she doesn't mean to but that it was so hot that she burnt herself.

This is an excellent video that has been presented really well, congratulation to all of you.

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