Comenius Day

We celebrated our Comenius day, late yes but we got there, and in fact it was a tremendous success. We had a presentation of the project for the students, their parents and local authorities in the evening. We were lucky in that a lot of people came and made it a good evening.

We counted with most of the parents of the students participating and the students themselves. Quite a few fellow teachers from our school also came and in addition we had some teachers from nearby schools who had come to find out about the project with a view to starting their own one. Of the local authorities we were lucky to be able to count with the prescence of the Mayor of Roquetes and with the councillor for education. From our local education authority.

Our director, Francesc, introduced the project said a bit about his view of its importance and then introduced me. I gave the official presentation which was an explanation of what the project consists of, a resume of what we have done up till now and then details of the work that we still have to do. The students participated as they had to explain what the pen pal exchange was and who they were writing to etc. Then another student told everyone about the exchange box, the ones we had received and what we sent to our partners.

One of the parts that, obviously, enthused people most was the part about the trips. With Poland as the example and using some photos from that trip I explained about what the students will have to do on the trips to Greece and Germany.

In total the evening lasted about 45 minutes. Afterwards everyone was invited to enjoy the reception that we had prepared with sandwiches, pizza, wine etc.

It was a great success and has done a lot to make the project more well known. When I can obtain some photos I will post them here.

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