Word Bank

Here is the word bank prepared for all of you here in IES Roquetes. You can see the videos here or go directly to the YEAD2008 page on YouTube.

We had a lot of fun making this, and you can see the bits where people laughed too much in the gallery.

Our word bank is in English, Catalan and Castellano (Spanish).

Part One

English: Hello, Good Morning, Goodbye
Catalan: Hola, Bon dia, Adeu
Spanish: Hola, Buenos dias, Adios

Part Two

English: How are you? - I'm fine thanks... and you?
Catalan: Com estas? - Estic bè gracies... i tu?
Spanish: ¿Como estas? - Estoy bien gracias... ¿ y tu?

Part Three

English: My name is...
Catalan: El meu nom és...
Spanish: Mi nombre es...

Part Four

English: What's your name?
Catalan: Com et dius?
Spanish: ¿Como te llamas?

Part Five

English: Thank you
Catalan: Gracies
Spanish: Gracias

Part Six

English: Please
Catalan: Per favor
Spanish: Por favor

Part Seven

English: Sorry
Catalan: Perdona
Spanish: Perdona

Part Eight

English: I love you
Catalan: T'estimo
Spanish: Te amo (Te quiero)

Part Nine

English: I like you
Catalan: M'agrades
Spanish: Me gustas

Part Ten

English: Yes / no
Catalan: Si / no
Spanish: Si / no

Part Eleven

English: Let's go
Catalan: N'em on
Spanish: Vamonos

Part Twelve

English: Let's have a drink
Catalan: Anem a prendre alguna cosa
Spanish: Vamos a tomar algo

Part Thirteen

English: I'll have a beer
Catalan: Prendre una birra
Spanish: Tomare una cerveza

Part Fourteen

English: Cheers!
Catalan: Salut i força
Spanish: Salut

Part Fifteen

English: Wanna dance?
Catalan: Vols ballar?
Spanish: Quieres bailar?

...and finally!

English: What's up (Wazzup!)
Catalan: Què passa?
Spanish: ¿Que pasa?

Here you have an example of the Spanish students practising their German.

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Katrin said...

Hallo, mir gehts gut... because you are speaking German so well. Told you, German is easy:)) All 5 video lessons are online now in our blog. Have fun! We are practising Spanish and Catalan, too.
Adeu, see you in Greece! Katrin

P.S. Huw + Guillem, anem a prendre alguna cosa. Salut i força! Very useful words:)))