Festivals and traditions

Here we present the festivals and traditions of the Terres de l'Ebre.

The Day of Saint Joan

Saint Joan is the saint whose day is celebrated at the time of midsummer. The celebration of Saint Joan is a very popular festival in Catalunya and Spain especially among young people coming, as it does, at the height of summer.

The Day of Saint Jordi

Saint Jordi, saint George, is the patron saint of Catalunya. The day of Saint Jordi is a very popular one which is marked in Catalunya in a very typical way. It is also now recognised by the UNESCO as the international day of the book, a costum which Catalunya has exported to the world.

Village "Festes"

Festes is the word here for the festivals that each village has in honour of their virgin, these are the days when the village celebrates with different activities and everyone has a great time. Festes are really popular here and everyone is involved normally.


Easter is also a very traditional time in Spain. Here in this video we don't explain the actual Easter celebrations but the recipe for how to make one of the traditional cakes that are eaten at this time.

Kings' Day

This is the traditional day for the giving and receiving of presents in Spain. It is the day when the three kings visited the baby Jesus and is marked in most places in Spain with a parade and the kings themselves handing our presents.

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