A blog for IES Roquetes

This is the blog that has been created for IES Roquetes. On this blog we are posting all the work that we do related to the Comenius Project that we are doing together with our partner schools.

The program for the project is set out here. An essential part of the project is the publicity we can get for it, you can see what we have achieved here, in the section publicity

You can see the people who are participating from Spain here.
You can see the teachers involved in our project here.

If you would like to see all the photos that have been taken during our meetings, the videos and the out takes then you can go the the YEAD Gallery and see them all (my students will kill me for this).

There is always a lighter side to any project and so for some fun we have created this section, The Funny Side please leave your comments there.

We have just completed the first of the four trips that make up the mobilities of our Comenius project. This trip was only for the teachers participating and was to Poland. The reason for the trip was to prepare the other mobilities in the project in Greece and then Germany. If you would like to know more about what happened on the trip and see photos please click here.

We have completed are the Comenius Day, this was a great success and has helped a lot so that people know about the project here in Roquetes, the word bank and the video about our school.

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